Too often business professionals have a robotic approach when interacting face to face or on social platforms with other business professionals. For those of you who spend a fair amount of time networking yourself and sharing your business offerings weather in person or online, it’s important to know how to be effective with new prospects.  The bulk of us have a generic introduction or elevator pitch to try and get the attention of our prospect, the rest of us might be one for passing business cards and writing notes on the cards we receive to help us remember details about the prospect in case you don’t remember them the next day.  If you don’t think you’re going to remember them, ask yourself if they will remember you? What was different about you from the last business professional they spoke with? Or in the world of social media, what made your business ad, video, Facebook or Twitter post memorable?

Here are 3 reasons why you need to be memorable & How:

1. It’s You!

Earlier this year our New Business development representative attended the GrowCo Conference. Of the panel of speakers represented was Rebecca and Uri Minkoff, who spoke of their rise to success in the fashion industry and how being themselves and genuine paid off when interacting with their target audience. They found that people outside their industry would not speak to them because it somehow went against everything the fashion world stood for. Rebecca had a different outlook because they wanted to know their customer, interact with their customer and make their customer feel like they were best friends. For Rebecca knowing her customer and her customer knowing her was important. Interacting through social platforms changed the way the fashion industry interacted with their audience so they could better mold their product to match the needs of the customer rather than relying on purely on analytical data. So don’t hold back and say the things you have always wanted to say to your target audience and interact directly with them!

2. It’s Inviting

When looking for a product or service, people like to know that the person they are talking to is a real person and not an automated response system. I personally want to hang up the phone and not call back when I call and get an automated message system. If I get a pop up online offering help, I end up just calling to avoid the automated chat. Simply put, when your customer notices the person behind the machine is a real person then they are likely to ask more questions to gain vital information about your product or service. Human interaction with your target audience will encourage questions and comments from your customer and allow for better opportunities to up-sell.

3. Your Brand is Trustworthy

Colors, logos, mission or vision statements can help customers identify your business. When your brand representation is clear and the name attached to the brand is clean and reputable, people are more willing to do business with you. Building a brand includes establishing a reputation that you are genuine and can provide a certain level of support before and after a sale. This makes people feel comfortable they are doing business with a professional in hopes they will refer you to their friends and co-workers.

The recurring theme is to be yourself, be helpful and prove to your target audience that you are the best and most reliable at what you do. These 3 basic reasons will make you more memorable in the business world and ultimately grow your business and improve your brand. How will you decide to be you?