Social media is a very powerful tool when used consistently and correctly. It can help the smallest business become the most successful business if you use social media platforms to your benefit. The biggest trend of 2016 so far is live social broadcasting. Live broadcasting applications make it easy for companies to broadcast to their target audience so that they have a clear understanding of what’s happening. You have to ask yourself, if a picture speaks a thousand words…how many does live broadcasting speak?

Here are some popular live broadcasting applications you can start with if you are not familiar with live broadcasting:

Live Broadcasting Facts & Tips:

  • Videos attract and engage 62% more users than photos.
  • Videos have had a 43% increase in shares from previous years.
  • Producing short compelling video’s for your product / company can be beneficial and increase traffic from an SEO and sales point of view.

Always keep in mind that social media is called social media for a reason…be social, continue to be social with clients and consumers. People want to see, watch and hear from real people, on the telephone, on television, and on social media. What’s the point of your social platform if you’re not actively being social with your target audience and driving traffic where you want it to go.