o you need a digital detox? The various digital devices we use from day to day could have our brains craving a digital detox. The first thing the average person does when they open their eyes in the morning is to hit the snooze button on their phone, because who uses old school alarm clocks anymore? Shortly after they follow up with checking their Facebook reactions and posting a morning update. By the time they have gone to the office and made it back home for the day they have responded to hundreds of emails & text messages, viewed a hundred more videos and memes, possibly played a game or two and put events in their calendar for the upcoming week.  All of this just to come home, plug their phone in to its charger and do it all over again the next day.

Detox you say? How will you survive and why would you even want to? whether we realize it or not, a Digi-tox or E-tox are needed and it helps to lower stress caused by our digital environment. According to Dr. John Demartini an American Researcher, Reform, and Behavioral Specialist, if by the time you make it home from work and you feel frazzled and like you have accomplished very little, spaced out and angered; these are all signs of needing a digital detox.  So here are a few ways a digital detox can help us put our lives into perspective.

    • Build relationships
    • Posture could improve
    • Sleep better,
    • reclaim mental and physical health
    • No more missing important details,
    • better level of focus
    • Emotions and your body may go haywire with freedom


We are not saying to completely dump your electronics and run back to the old school notepad and paper, but instead give your eyes and mind time to take a break from the blue light that is always staring back at us. Connect with good friends at a spa or over tea, sit up straight since you are not looking at a table or phone all day, sleep without interruption because your mind and eyes are not phased with the speckles of an electronic screen when you close your eyes. Capture all the details you have been missing while stuck to your devices and last but not least let your mind, body and soul be free and just feel what you want to feel and not what our devices are telling us to do.  Go and feel!