Marketing for Non-Profits

“Connecting Business & Community Through Technology”, is our motto and our mission, and it represents our history working in the web design industry with a variety of organization types to connect that organization with the local community and/or its target audience through online technologies such as digital marketing (social media, content, web design, app development, SEO, CPC, PCP ect.) and traditional marketing. We also practice traditional lines of marketing such as press releases & white papers, TV & radio advertisement, partnerships & guerilla marketing tactics and more. At KMJ all channels matter in marketing and we utilize them to leverage messaging and brand awareness for our organizations.

Our company specializes in marketing for non-profit organizations. We don’t just run ads with the hope for them to work, we are creatives and as creatives, our job is to create meaningful content, messaging, visuals, and more to connect your organization with the proper audience. One thing we know for sure is that non-profits thrive most when their story is told, when users understand your story and mission the support floods in.

Marketing Options


Digital Channels


Your website is a channel to help your marketing goals just like social, email, etc. A marketing first mindset is more beneficial to your website than a design first mindset.


Content marketing is about so much more than putting text on a website or any other marketing channel, at KMJ we put thought into the messages, graphics, and information we put out for your organization. We create content & messaging that is meaningful to your target audience all while making sure the content is optimized for search.


Email marketing may include the distribution of special coupons, newsletters, announcements, and event invitations. KMJ’s digital marketing experts can help create your email campaigns, newsletters, and announcements.

Social Media

Social media marketing is using your social media channels to promote or highlight your content, events, announcements, sales, services, etc. KMJ can implement your social media marketing content into a streamlined, automated system.

Google Ads

Capture high intent users with our advanced Search, Display, and Shopping strategies. From manual bidding to algorithmic optimizations we’ll help you scale.


The goal of SEO is to rank higher in search engine results. It is a complex process involving keywords, phrases, outbound, and internal linking. KMJ can help simplify the process and help you improve your search engine rankings.

Traditional Channels


Outdoor marketing utilizes billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters, transit ads etc. Outdoor marketing is a great way to get in front of the public, especially if they do not utilize the current digital channels.


Broadcast marketing consist of TV, Radio, Streaming Platforms, etc. Despite what our social environment may say, people still watch TV and listen to the radio, and the most popular of all is streaming TV. These are ways to reach your audience directly in their homes, car, work, etc.


Print Advertising consists of magazine ads, newspaper articles, brochures/pamphlets, etc. Print advertising is great to get the word out about upcoming events, community information, and if a sales member utilizes print information to hand deliver to a client.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising consists of any type of mailer for example: catalogues, coupons, brochures, welcome kits, etc. Anything a perspective client can receive in the mail would be considered direct mail advertising.

Window Signs & Display

Window displays and signs are as simple as it gets. A graphic with messaging to attract your clients that will display in your business window or any partnership windows.

KMJ: Connecting Business and Community Through Technology

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Our team is strategic, data-driven & result-based. We never jump into marketing without a thoroughly mapped out plan, timeline, and conducting the necessary research in order to market your organization appropriately. Contact us today and “Get Connected” with your audience.

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