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Connecting business and community through technology is our motto. At KMJ we love non-profit organizations. Our story didn’t start that way it just sort of happened. Non-profit organizations play a huge role in communities all over the world, by providing resources to help keep the lights on and families fed to raising awareness about societal issues.

Because non-profits support our communities with missions that come from the heart, KMJ wants to support non-profits by connecting them to the communities in need through technology. Building community awareness, raising funds,

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Marketing Options


Digital Channels


Your website is a channel to help your marketing goals just like social, email, etc. A marketing first mindset is more beneficial to your website than a design first mindset.


Content marketing is about so much more than putting text on a website or any other marketing channel, at KMJ we put thought into the messages, graphics, and information we put out for your organization. We create content & messaging that is meaningful to your target audience all while making sure the content is optimized for search.


Email marketing may include the distribution of special coupons, newsletters, announcements, and event invitations. KMJ’s digital marketing experts can help create your email campaigns, newsletters, and announcements.

Social Media

Social media marketing is using your social media channels to promote or highlight your content, events, announcements, sales, services, etc. KMJ can implement your social media marketing content into a streamlined, automated system.

Google Ads

Capture high intent users with our advanced Search, Display, and Shopping strategies. From manual bidding to algorithmic optimizations we’ll help you scale.


The goal of SEO is to rank higher in search engine results. It is a complex process involving keywords, phrases, outbound, and internal linking. KMJ can help simplify the process and help you improve your search engine rankings.

Traditional Channels

KMJ: Connecting Business and Community Through Technology

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Our team is strategic, data-driven & result-based. We never jump into marketing without a thoroughly mapped out plan, timeline, and conducting the necessary research in order to market your organization appropriately. Contact us today and “Get Connected” with your audience.

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