When you read this statistic, let it sink in:

3 out of 4 consumers seeking an attorney over the last year used online resources at some point in the process*
76 percent of consumers went online to find a lawyer
The way consumers look for a lawyer has changed in today’s digital age. The advent of social media, smart phones and search engines has dramatically affected the way consumers find lawyers.

People send a quick text instead to avoid a time-consuming phone call.
People write emails and send attachments instead of going over documents in person.
People attend conference calls and web meetings instead of meeting face to face because it saves time and money.
This new kind of communication is more efficient, but it diminishes the amount of direct contact people have with each other. People bank online to avoid tellers, look up phone numbers online to avoid operators and read news online to avoid buying a paper.
Think about it. Would you ask your neighbor whom to call if you were charged with a crime? Would you ask your relatives to help you shop for a divorce lawyer? I don’t think so. You’d rather research these issues in private by opening your laptop. And with smart phones now outselling computers, a wide swath of consumers can conduct an online search.

Source: blog.larrybodine.com
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Live Broadcasting Facts & Tips:

Video’s attract & engage 62% more users than photos.
Video’s have had a 43% increase in shares from previous years.
Producing short compelling video’s for your product / company can be beneficial and increase traffic from an SEO & sales view point.

Always keep in mind that social media is called social media for a reason…be social, continue to be social with clients and consumers. People want to see, watch and hear from real people, on the telephone, on television and on social media. Whats the point of your social platform if your not actively being social with your target audience and driving traffic where you want it to go.