Not long ago, law firm marketing was a relatively simple matter: buy a Yellow Pages listing, cultivate a reliable referral network and if your budget was healthy enough, pay for a TV or newspaper ad. The good and bad news is that the Internet has changed the equation. Good, in that you have a potent new marketing resource at your disposal. Bad, in that it’s easy for even the best attorney websites to get lost in the Web’s information-saturated environs. Want more potential clients to find you? You need to maximize your law firm’s Internet presence. Given the range of options, however, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder if you’re making the right choice. With that in mind, here are three ways to help potential clients find you on the Web.

1. Build content

Providing high-quality content on your website — in the form of blog posts, videos, articles and the like — is one of the most reliable ways to beef up your Internet presence. By doing so, you’ll draw in readers and encourage other sites to link to yours — which will drive your firm higher in search engine rankings. On a related note, search engine optimization (SEO) — the art and science of pushing your website to the top of search engine results — is the other key way to get the word out. While you can take steps on your own to boost SEO results, doing so can be a complex and potentially challenging undertaking. Check out Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals for more information on it.


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Live Broadcasting Facts & Tips:

Video’s attract & engage 62% more users than photos.
Video’s have had a 43% increase in shares from previous years.
Producing short compelling video’s for your product / company can be beneficial and increase traffic from an SEO & sales view point.

Always keep in mind that social media is called social media for a reason…be social, continue to be social with clients and consumers. People want to see, watch and hear from real people, on the telephone, on television and on social media. Whats the point of your social platform if your not actively being social with your target audience and driving traffic where you want it to go.