After 20 years, KMJ has established ourselves as a part of the Vegas community and Channel 13 wanted to show this. They came to our office to learn more about our culture and history, like how our founder Karl started KMJ in his dining room, as well as seeing the great team we have now in action.

“This office looks much different than when this company launched 20 years ago.” (Astrinos).

While they were here, they interviewed our team about why businesses should trust a full-stack web design studio like KMJ to build their website rather than making it themselves.

“Super crucial. A business that doesn’t appear to be legitimate or look like they threw their website together or don’t have a website, they’re not going to get very many calls from people,” says Karl.

They also interviewed one of the nonprofits we have worked closely with over the last year, The Children’s Advocacy Center Foundation, about our dedication to improving the Las Vegas community. Click below to watch or read the full interview on the Channel 13 website.