What We Learned in 2023

Can you believe we’re wrapping up another year already!? Let’s take a chill stroll down memory lane, remembering the fun stuff we talked about and get you all pumped for the vibes we’re bringing into 2024!

Relive the tech moments we vibed with this year

  1. Organic vs. Paid Search – The Friendly Faceoff: We kicked things off by chatting about how websites show up on Google. There’s the natural way (like when your buddy recommends a great pizza joint) and the paid way (like putting up a billboard).
  1. SEO & Content Marketing – Where Words and Google High-Fived: Talked about making websites Google-friendly with cool words and stories. Imagine your website is a favorite bedtime story for Google – they love that!
  1. Google’s Quality Rater – The People Behind the Scenes: Peeked behind the Google curtain to understand how the folks there check if websites are friendly, helpful, and trustworthy. It’s like having quality control for your website – pretty neat!
  1. AI & Humans – Best Tech Buds: Explored how AI (like super-smart robots) and humans (that’s us!) can work together like peanut butter and jelly. Spoiler: it makes things super efficient!

We met some new tech buddies and had a blast:

  1. Google Magi – The Tech Magician: Hung out with Google’s Magi and how it will affect search in the future with the wide spread usage of AI to create content.
  1. ChatGPT – Your New Chat Buddy: Met ChatGPT, a chatty friend who’s always ready for a conversation. We found out how it can make our online chats smooth and fun, along with making content creation easier; like chatting with your coolest buddy.
  1. QR Codes & Landing Pages – The Ultimate Tech Tag Team: Explored how QR codes (those square barcodes) and landing pages (like a cool webpage) team up for a marketing adventure. Imagine it as the Batman and Robin of advertising!

We explored the romance between emails and websites:

  1. Email Marketing & Landing Pages – The Perfect Love Story: We talked about how emails and special website pages work together to tell a love story. Think of it like crafting the perfect message and the perfect place for a date – it’s sweet!
  1. Social Media Campaign Fun – Let’s Dance Together:** Ended the year with some dance moves, breaking down how social media campaigns are like choreographed dances. Each move (or campaign) tells a story, and we’ve got the steps down!

As we close the tech chapter of 2023, it’s been a real journey, hasn’t it? From friendly tech face-offs to meeting new pals like Google Magi and ChatGPT, we’ve had some real tech fun. And guess what? The fun doesn’t stop! Get ready for more cool tech updates & education  in 2024 – it’s going to be a blast! 

See You in 2024!