The KMJ marketing team was recently interviewed by Pathmonk for their brilliant podcast. Pathmonk is an AI Website Conversion Platform which basically means they help turn your website traffic into leads. They interview hundreds of marketers who specialize in areas from content, copywriting, communication, engagement, discovery and buyer journeys to educate from an expert position about the influence of digital marketing. As marketers and website advocates, we were thrilled to get to speak with them.

The interview was over Zoom and in our episode we discussed topics such as how being marketers at a web design firm assists with our own process of driving website traffic online and how we help our clients digitally get connected to their target audiences. We also talked about the kinds of clients we work with and how we have a niche for nonprofits, attorneys and civic organizations and how KMJ is really focused on getting out and connecting with the Las Vegas community more recently, which you can see on our Community Connections page.

Thank you to Pathmonk for having us and chatting with us about our favorite things, digital marketing and websites! You can watch or listen to the podcast here.

This is not Fran and Vannesa’s first time in front of the camera, they have been doing their video segment “IYKYK” for over a year now and informing businesses like our clients about current tech news happening that may be affecting them. You can continue to watch them every month or catch up now on the News page of our website. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting things like this that KMJ has in the works!