Have you ever been replying to a juicy tweet thread or tweeting about your day and needed more characters? Well you might have more soon. Like all social media platforms, Twitter is constantly changing. After the CEO being replaced, installing fact-checking of tweets during the former presidency and headlines about Elon Musk possibly purchasing the platform for a whopping $44 billion that could undo this, the most recent news to come from Twitter is testing of a “Notes” feature. The concept behind this new feature is essentially to give users a longer way to write on Twitter since the platform has never allowed for more than 280 characters in the past.

The feature has a similar structure to a blog, such as this one, with the ability to include media like images and gifs but it will publish like a tweet. By doing this, it will allow users to share more of their thoughts in a condensed way, specifically in threads.

“With the new feature, users will be able to create articles using rich formatting and uploaded media, which can then be tweeted and shared with followers upon publishing. Users will have the option to embed photos, videos, GIFs and tweets into their Notes. Like tweets, Notes will have their own link and can be tweeted, retweeted, sent in DM’s, liked and bookmarked” (Malik, 2022).

Since studies have found that more than 69% of American journalists use Twitter most in their job, this feature has great potential to allow people to optimize how they use the app. Also, you can say goodbye to those screenshots of long apologies in the iphone notes app from a celebrity when they get “canceled”. This update will allow them to write it all out right in the app.

We believe this is the beginning of Twitter becoming more than just a social media app because this new feature will present the company as competitors with platforms such as WordPress and Substack. It is still in the testing phase of limited countries but as we said before, the app is constantly changing so this will not be the platform’s last update anytime soon most likely. It’s up to you though to decide if it is a good thing that people will be able to post more than 280 characters. 

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