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KMJ provides A-Z web design & development for your organization. No matter where you are in the process of building a website, we can step in. Our creative and inventive team specializes in the design and development of websites that capture attention, convey the information you need to share, or generate sales. In addition, we are happy to help with everything from domain registration and hosting to SSL Certificates, and more.

Other Ways KMJ Can Help Your Organization

KMJ is a full-service, one-stop-shop for all your website design and development needs. Our services include:

For 20+ years, KMJ Web Design has designed websites that achieve your goals. Whether you’re a business owner, a non-profit, or a local, or state government aiming for a user-friendly site for your customers, donors, or constituents, we can help.

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It’s not enough these days to have a mobile-friendly website. Associations, state and local governments, and eCommerce businesses all need mobile apps. Mobile apps make things easier for your clients, customers, donors, and city and state residents. But your organization will also benefit greatly from investing in mobile app planning & development.

A robust multi-channel marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business, and the visibility of your organization. Our team will manage and implement your multi-channel marketing strategy.

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Whether we built your website or not, we can help maintain it, and protect your investment. Flexible maintenance plans allow you to customize a plan to meet your unique website or mobile app maintenance needs.

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KMJ has vast experience keeping projects on time and budget. We can serve as your designer, developer, and project management team. Or, we can manage projects developed by others, including those overseas.

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When you need guidance pertaining to digital projects and investments, we are here for you. Whether you need advice about projects underway or projects you’re planning, you can count on the KMJ team to help.

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We work with a variety of premium hosting partners, to provide you with options best suited to your needs and goals. Each hosting company varies a bit, and we’re familiar with the pros and cons of each.

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Online security is invaluable for business websites. SSL certificates are also required by search engines to rank your website. KMJ ensures you have the certificates you need for your site and your customers.

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From helping you select your domain, to securing that domain for your organization, to launching your website, we provide A-Z website design and development, beginning with locking in your domain name.

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We can build CUSTOM solutions and we work with many popular PLATFORMS

What is the Process of Designing &  Developing a Website?

At KMJ, designing and developing your website is a six-step process.

The first step in building a new website, or updating an existing site begins with a design consultation. We’ll learn all about your organization, your goal for the website, your target audience, your planned content, and more. We’ll be asking questions, strategizing, and brainstorming.
After the initial meeting, we’ll get to work designing website concept mockups and developing wireframes, so that you can begin to see your website come to life. This step is especially important, as the visual mockups help to reveal gaps in content, allowing you to adjust your content.
The third step in the website design and development process includes your review and approval of the design of the site.
During the fourth step, our team will be ensuring the functionality of the site, adding any remaining content necessary, and making any necessary changes prior to the launch of your site.
The fifth step in KMJ’s website design and development process is the launch of your new site. By this stage, all third-party technologies have been implemented, the site is mobile-friendly, and we’ve tested all features for functionality.
Finally, we will request that you thoroughly review your new website and notify us of any edits. We’ll work with your designated team member who will be updating blogs, news, or announcements, to ensure that they are familiar with how to make changes. From there, we’ll transition into maintenance mode, remaining available to you at any time for questions, concerns, or other services.

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